Olivia Newton John

In 1984, I was called to work on the video of Olivia Newton John’s “Physical” album. The shoot was at Pinewood Studios for 5 days, and I believe we shot 6 or 7 tunes during that time period. The director was Russell Mulcahy.The costume department dressed me all in white, and I brought my studio kit at the time, which was a Gretsch bass drum, Ludwig (Black Beauty) snare, and 4 RotoToms.

Olivia was friendly, attentive, and the consummate professional. She had a bit of a stomach bug for a couple of the days, but carried on shooting nevertheless. Apart from a lot of sitting around, waiting for shots to be set up etc, we had a huge amount of fun. It was definitely a “bucket List” experience that I shall treasure forever. RIP, Livvy!