Studio Sessions


I have had the pleasure of working with Mr.Morgan for over three years. His capacity as a drummer and percussionist are unrivalled in my experience.His range and depth of skills and technique make him unique as a studio performer.His Professionalism across all areas; adaptability, artistry, sound, style, perception and vision makes him a necessity for my recording and film work. Mr. Morgan has set a new standard of excellence in the drumming world and coupled with his friendly and affable disposition is a delight to work with.
David Arnold, Skyfall, Quantum Solace, Paul, Stargate

Online Sessions


Every now and then, the music industry witnesses the emergence of a drummer who is so versatile and talented that the top producers, composers and performers in the business have to wait in line to utilize his talents on their projects. Charlie Morgan is such a drummer. His musical expertise has proven invaluable to the success of many film scores. I cannot recommend him enough.
Hans Zimmer, Oscar Winning Film Score Composer

Live Gigs


Charlie Morgan is an intensely creative musician and his rhythmically precise drumming keeps the entire band in synchronizatrion thus enabling them to deliver consistently spectacular performances. He is among a handful of drummers who has risen to the top of his field and I cannot overstate my confidence in his ability as a musician of the highest caliber.
Billy Joel, 6 time Grammy Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter

I am lucky to have been involved in the Music Business

...during a time of incredible creativity & exponential growth. I hear people complaining about the business “not being what it was” and to some extent I agree. But there is more music around now than ever: more people are listening to it, and more people are MAKING it. It’s a question of how you approach the new business model. You can sink or swim - it’s your choice.