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The Tracking Room

Manicdrums Productions



Just a few steps down the staircase of his home in Nashville, Charlie Morgan has built his latest state-of-the-art recording studio, bringing his vast recording experience to albums and music projects around the world.


  • World-Class drummer on your album

  • Secure Online uploads/ downloads

  • No need to coordinate schedules

  • No studio rentals

  • No Covid restrictions

  • It’s easy!

Contact Charlie to book him for your next music project.

Studio Build Credits:

Mark Wenner of Studio Construction Service, Inc.

Myers Flooring of Nashville

PreSonus – Console & mic preamps

Daking – Mic preamps

Sontronics – Microphones

Sweetwater – Music Instruments & Pro Audio

Session Diary

Rehearsal at SIR, Nashville

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In rehearsals for Hinkley’s Heroes. Gig Friday evening. using the smaller kit today. Natal maple, with my 20" x 18" kick, 12" & 14" toms, and the wood hoop Premier Signia 75th Anniversary snare.

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