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But EVs Catch Fire!

Another urban myth: There has been a huge amount of publicity regarding Electric Vehicles spontaneously catching fire. While an EV battery, when it DOES ignite, can be difficult to extinguish, these occurrences are extremely rare (and mostly caused by a serious collision). Much of the so-called “news stories” about EV

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Range Anxiety

I really don’t “get” the argument about range anxiety. I know it’s the single most quoted “reason” that people don’t buy EVs, but I see it as a lame excuse, thrown into the discussion (repeatedly) by the Petroleum Industry lobby. My first foray into EV ownership was the 2014 BMW

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From Petrol-Head to EV-angelist

My brothers and I have had a life-long love-affair with the motor car.  We even raced various cars in the UK & Europe: production sports cars & touring cars (I also raced in the British Formula 4 championship in the late 1990’s).  So you could accurately call us Petrol-Heads!  It

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