…. and do my best to fulfil it!  Sometimes I wonder if I was not insane to accept, but I am still determined to complete the task, even just so I can say “I did that.”

This past week has been one of the craziest ever.  It started on Tuesday (12th September).  We loaded a van with our backline & drove to Erie, PA. This was the beginning of 4 shows in 4 days with the Guitar Army. A loose collection of incredible guitarists from a wide variety of musical genres.

Logistics dictated that we drive, with all our equipment, and basically act as Tour Managers and drivers  for ourselves as well! Good thing we’re responsible enough to do this!

Wednesday, we drove to Buffalo, NY, (the Sportsman’s Tavern), rehearsed for 3 hours, then set up, sound checked & played a show!

Thursday, we drove 6 hours to Danbury, CT, and did the same!

Friday, We drove 3 hours to Stockton University, in southern New Jersey, and played another show…

Saturday, we negotiated our way (through massive traffic) onto Long Island, and played the Boulton Centre for the Arts, in Bay Shore….

SO far, so good. But here’s the twist in the tale. Straight after playing Bay Shore, we packed up, and loaded the van. Then we drove back across Long Island to a hotel right next to LaGuardia airport. There, we parted ways. The keys to the van were left for a professional driver to pick up & drive back to Nashville.  John Jorgenson & Mark Fain flew back to Nashville the next morning. Lee Roy Parnell followed them soon after.  Joe drove to Vermont for a gig, and, after a mere 2 hours of sleep, I boarded a plane to Honolulu!! Yes, insanity!

I arrived in Honolulu after 13 hours of travel, and was immediately driven to sound check at the Blaisdell Centre, with Richard Marx. Showtime was mercifully early: 7pm (although my body clock was telling me is was more like 1am)!  I must say that the show was incredible! In fact it totally justified flying (diagonally) across the entire USA and half the Pacific Ocean!

Sadly I was unable to actually enjoy much of Hawai’i, as I flew out again next day at 7am! I needed to get home to record the Christmas Parade music for Disneyland Paris.

Then I have to fly back out on Thursday, to join Richard Marx for a show in California on Friday. After that I can rest…. or as Lemmy once told me “Sleep’s over-rated, mate!  You can sleep when yer dead!”

Sleep well, Lemmy!