If any of you were under the misapprehension that the music business, or the entertainment business in general, was A never ending stream of glamour and glitz, Think again. Today, for example, was a day of extremes: a 5 AM lobby cole to drive from Lemoore California to LAX in time to catch a 10:30 flight. Of course we arrive at Los Angeles airport only to find out that the flight has been delayed! So we probably could’ve slept in. Of course, the delayed departure then put a kink on the entire day. Once I had landed back in Nashville, I had to drive over two hours west to Jackson Tennessee, so I can load in early tomorrow morning for Saturday’s show. This is a 10 artist, 46 song, show for a local radio station. With singers from various bands and various musical styles and periods. It’s a challenging show to play, but ultimately rewarding, even though it’s an entire day of rehearsal followed by a live show.