After Chastain Amphitheatre last night, I set off early on my drive to Charleston. My route took me through some “interesting” back roads in the Deep South! No more need be said.

I love Charleston, though. It always reminds me of parts of London.

The Charleston Music Hall is a beautifully renovated theatre, right in the downtown area. I am an honorary “member” of Tokyo Joe tonight. This is an Elton Tribute show they do, with their band leader, Greg Bickley, as “Elton.” In fact I’ve been part of this show in their home town, Columbia, SC, for the past 6 years. Taking place at the Koger Center for the Arts. we manage to raise money for the local childrens’ charity. This has become quite a popular event.

But today’s show is a purely commercial affair! This is the main reason why I have the “Versace Kit” on board. I thought it appropriate!