In 1985, Elton John invited Charlie to play with his band at Live Aid. As they left the stage that night, Elton decided to take the band on tour. Charlie would continue on, recording and touring with Elton for the next 13 years. He recorded tracks on “Ice on Fire”, “Leather Jackets”, and “Reg Strikes Back” as well as “Live with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra” album which was recorded as part of the 6-week tour with the 92-piece Melbourne Symphony Orchestra while touring Australia and New Zealand. In 1993, he completed a 14-month (160 date) sell-out World Tour. In 1994 headed to the studio to record “Made In England”. Then toured with the double bill of Elton John and Billy Joel in the summer of 1994, taking in 25 dates in 12 major cities across the US, the “Two Pianos” tour concluded in April 1995. This was followed by a 9-month World Tour with Elton, ending in Rio de Janiero, Brazil in November. Charlie recorded 3 singles with Elton in 1996, one of them a duet with Luciano Pavarotti. Another World Tour started up in 1997 to coincide with the release of “The Big Picture”. In 1998, Elton once again joined up with Billy Joel. This time to tour Australia, New Zealand and Japan.