Charlie made the move to Nashville in 2007 and built a new studio in the basement of his house, moving Manicdrums Productions to “Music City!” He took advantage of the move to build a soundproofed tracking room, and a professionally wired control room. The result was a major upgrade to the facilities that were originally in Orlando. The new studio, was busy all of 2007, with a wide variety of projects. Work included theme park music for Disney, demos for Nashville songwriters, as well as a number of recording projects for producer/arrangers in Los Angeles, London, New York and Munich (Germany) and new album tracks for the band Orleans. As time passed, Charlie kept busy in the studio recording a number of projects, including a “super group” in Europe, featuring guitarist Robin George and a cast of musicians from such groups as: Climax Blues Band, Medicine Head, Thin Lizzy and Uriah Heep. He also completed drums on an album project for Mexican star, Manuel Mijares, which subsequently went platinum in the Latin charts.